No two people share the exact same life experiences. Though the stories will differ, there is often a common thread that unites us and allows people to relate on a broader spectrum. The details may not be the same, but the situations are usually similar: everyone has encountered death; heartbreak is inevitable; even absolute joy and the recognition of happiness are emotions shared by people worldwide, regardless of location and upbringing. 


My approach as a sculptor is to simply accept the stories that emerge from my creative process. Exploring my own narrative and ideas of the collective unconscious, I find myself pulling inspiration from the immediate world around me to further examine who I am. Influenced by timeless imagery and old thought, my materials act as vehicles to reference a greater romantic symbolism that is both old world and relevant. Valuing this tangible process in creating these tableaus, I appropriate known symbols to set up scenes and stories loaded with personal relevance. Child-like innocence or a playful nature is frequently the baseline throughout this process in evoking a sense of nostalgia.